The Ruby Lane Farm Story

In more ways than one, Ruby Lane Farm is an homage to John’s Grandmother, Ruby Lee Smith. The operation began humbly as “The Smith Place” where John’s Grandparents, R.J. and Ruby Lee Smith ran a dairy, raising every animal and crop under the sun along with their two sons.

Ruby Lee was a teacher in several of the rural schoolhouses located around the county. In her teaching days, she began the day with a loud ringing of a hand bell. On cold winter days, Ruby arrived early to warm the drafty old building with the help of a potbelly stove.

She finished her teaching career in the one-room schoolhouse in the Red Hollow area of Burleson County, Texas, where Ruby Lane Farm is located. Upon leaving the formal role of a teacher, she transitioned directly into raising her own family and joining in the daily chores necessary to keep a family farm going.

The life of a farm wife meant long days alongside R.J. milking cows, bouncing across dusty fields on machinery, tending sick animals, mending fences (and clothes), chasing after two boys, and preparing hearty meals; all while keeping a tidy and welcoming home.
Ruby was truly was responsible for holding the fabric of this farm family together, thus the reason we use a quilt in our logo, as well as being honored to call our continuation of this heritage, Ruby Lane Farm.

Simmental cattle came to Ruby Lane Farm in the mid-1970’s when John’s grandfather R.J. purchased a bull to use on his mostly Brahman-cross beef cowherd. This was a test to see just how this new breed could stack up! The resulting calves were awesome gainers and tremendous replacement females. Subsequent bulls and their progeny performed just as well; forever cementing the Smith family’s association with the Simmental breed.

John showed Simmental heifers at county fairs and local and major shows throughout his years in 4-H and FFA. Selection criteria has always been on production-centered traits of calving ease, growth, milk, and temperament which has continued into his time at Ruby Lane Farm.

The German Fleckvieh strain of Simmental continue to impress and offer the answer to our needs. John and Casey represent the third generation to call Ruby Lane home, feeling honored to be so close to the land that his grandparents carved out. John plans that someday the next generation will take up the torch of stewardship just the same.


John & Casey Smith
4704 County Road 106
Caldwell, TX 77836